How We Work

CarsandGarages is a new web-service that provides free impartial motoring advice. It’s simple to use and completely independent.


Some sites charge garages to be included in their network and/or make them adhere to a set of promises and guidelines. Carsandgarages doesn’t do that – every garage is listed without charge.  Our belief is that good garages provide good service and value for money, and customers are the best judge of this.

Best of all, the site is free.


CarsandGarages provides a number of helpful easy to use tools to help the average car owner understand what may be wrong with their car and how much it may cost to repair some of the most common problems.

The site also provides a useful ‘Garage Locator’ helping you find garages nationwide - even whilst you’re on the move using your mobile phone. You can see at a glance the services the garage offers and contact them directly. There is also a facility to set up reminders for key dates such as servicing intervals, MOT, car tax or insurance.


How often have you recommended a garage you have used to friends and family? Six out of ten people we surveyed had recommended a garage to another person on one or more occasions. Four in ten people confirmed they had selected their garage on this basis, with this group overwhelmingly reporting the garage as reliable.†

Our view is simple the best people to tell you where to find great garage are the people who have used it. CarsandGarages aims to provide a forum for you to write reviews and leave feedback about your experience of using a garage – effectively taking the recommendation or word of mouth approach onto the internet. If you have used a garage and had a good, or bad experience, it takes only a few minutes to leave a review to let others know.


We understand that most people need their car for practical purposes (getting to work, or picking up the kids), what goes on under the bonnet is often a mystery, and anyway who has the time to become a part time mechanic? Keeping things simple, minimising the use of technical jargon, (or explaining it) is our approach throughout the site – let us know if there is something that isn’t easy to understand.  

Honesty – We strive to ensure all of our content is genuine. But we know there will always be attempts by a small minority to misuse the site. CarsandGarages operate a zero tolerance policy towards the posting of misleading content.

Any garage wishing to confirm or amend their listing details must register for an account. A unique authorisation code is issued and we contact the garage directly to validate them before permitting them to submit material – which itself is moderated.

Any site visitor wishing to post a garage reviews has to set up an account before submitting the content and all content is moderated before being posted.

Uniquely CarsandGarages posts ‘Validated Content’. These are reviews where we can be 100% sure the commentator has used the garages services.

In addition to these checks, we perform an ongoing audit of site content looking for potential abuses and will block any individual or business we believe is abusing the sites policies.

We know there are often two sides to every story and welcome the right of any outlet to provide feedback to the reviewer.     

†HRM - 2,000 car owners surveyed May 2010