About Us


About Us

CarsandGarages is a new web-service that provides free impartial motoring advice. It’s simple to use and completely independent.

We know it only takes a handful of unscrupulous garages to taint the majority of reputable operators, but amongst car owners generally there is a lack of confidence and trust. Car owner’s lack of technical knowledge and the distressed nature of most car repairs only serves to exaggerate this mistrust.  Only 12% of people we surveyed agreed with the statement, ‘I would trust all garages or repairers to do a good job, not mislead me and charge me fairly’.  With 64% of people saying they had been overcharged or received bad service from a garage, repairer or bodyshop.†    

CarsandGarages aims to help.

Our principles

Independence - we don’t own or recommend any of the garages ourselves, we don’t make them adhere to an artificial set of standards and we certainly don’t charge them for listing on the site.

Honesty - CarsandGarages makes every effort to ensure that all listings and content is genuine, taking a zero tolerance approach to bogus content. We understand there will always be a minority of people who try to submit manufactured content and we take steps to moderate all content in order to cut this out.

Simplicity - we appreciate not every knows or wants to know exactly how their car works, but we also understand you rely on your car. We try to keep everything on the site as easy as possible to use, keeping the jargon to a minimum - or at least explaining what it means for the average motorist to understand.

†HRM - 2,000 car owners surveyed May 2010