The value of Garage affiliation schemes?

Only 21% of motorists asked said that they had heard of the most popular garage affiliation schemes*.
  • The most popular garage affiliation schemes that people were aware of were ‘Approved Garage’ and ‘Rated People’.
  • Research conducted by CarsandGarages of over 200 motorists, found that of those who were looking to place work with a garage only 1 in 8 said that they would choose a garage solely on it being part of a garage affiliation scheme.

    23% of those who were aware of one of these schemes did say that they would be more encouraged to use a garage that was part of a garage affiliation scheme but that they wouldn’t rely upon that solely to make their decision.

    Only 1 in 5 said that they had heard of one or more of the more ‘popular’ garage affiliation schemes, with one of the most popular being ‘Rated People’ however this scheme is not just for garages but for all trades.

    “As far as we can make out, drivers select a garage based upon their reputation, not by them being part of one of these affiliation schemes. Our research supports our theory that motorists don’t select garages just because they adhere to an artificial set of standards” explained Jerome McManus, CarsandGarages’ group marketing director.

    “We believe drivers are more encouraged to read customer reviews of garages both good and bad and use these customer experiences to make a decision. ” he added.

    Previous research carried out by Which?** suggests that garages that are not part of any of these schemes are still as likely to fix problems as those who were (in an undercover test Which? decided to see which garages would fix a list of set problems, or charge for additional work not carried out – 43% of independent garages fixed problems to vehicles compared to Good Garage Scheme 39%).

    A member of the UK Autotalk forum*** (a forum for garage owners) says: ‘Not one person who has come through the door or rang has asked if we belong to the Motor Codes.’

    Our research questions what value, if any, is there in being part of a Garage affiliation scheme?


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