Steamed up windscreens could be a thing of the past


Until now, condensation on your windscreen means you have to wait until your window is clear to head off on your journey. But a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a coating which, when placed on the inside of the windscreen will stop it steaming up.


The coating known as ‘Zwitter wettable’ allows the water molecules to be absorbed into the surface, meaning they disappear before they cause fogging or freezing in cold weather.


The AA however remain unconvinced, “We believe that there is as yet no miracle windscreen glass that can prevent condensation and icing and so only a middle man agent like heat or an additive can prevent these" a spokesman said. "Using your car's heating controls properly, can make a really big difference. Whilst some are very effective for example the heated windscreen, wipe-on solutions are understood to be less popular with drivers because the effects tend to wear off over time and can cause smearing”.

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