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WHEELBEARINGS - These small components have the vital function of allowing free rotating of the wheels on your vehicle. Wheel bearings are sealed units which contain greased and lubricated bearings . Common faults in this component occur when seals become damaged or broken, allowing grease to escape and wearing elements such as air, dirt or water to get in. Due to the assembly of this contained unit, if a seal breaks the whole unit will often require replacing, as there will be no indication as to the extent of the internal damage to the wheel bearing cylinder. SPOTTING A WHEELBEARING FAULT - Spotting faults with your wheel bearings can be easy. The most obvious sign is a whistling or rumbling noise coming from your wheel area. The noise is prone to change through corners and turns. In addition to the noise, your vehicle may stray and pull when travelling in a straight line, similar to that shown when wheel alignment or incorrect tyre pressure are an issue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your vehicle please contact Wheelbearing Services at your earliest convenience. Neglecting these signs may result in sudden wheel bearing failure, which in turn can result in your wheel coming loose from your vehicle at any time. GENERAL CAR REPAIR SERVICE - General vehicle repairs can range from the everyday car servicing needs of your vehicle, like brake pads or wing mirror replacements, to the not so frequent things like having a new exhaust pipe fitted. In our experience, many customers put off every day car repairs, worried that the cost will be too high. However, many of the simpler problems can be relatively inexpensive to put right. It is important to have general car problems rectified as soon as possible. Delaying vehicle repairs can cause further damage and, in some extreme cases, lead to the vehicle being unsafe and illegal. Regardless of what general repair you require, Wheelbearing Services will be happy to help you. General Repair Service Offerings - We are consistently aiming to broaden our service offerings in line with the developing market. Currently we are able to offer the following repair services , if the repair you require is not listed please contact us ,and we will will advise you if we are able to facilitate your needs: - Clutch Replacement - Gearbox Repair - Brakes - pads and discs (repair and replacement) - Diagnostics - Exhaust repair and replacement - Maintenance and servicing - Replacement batteries - Wheel bearings - Welding - Drive Shafts - Suspension - CV and Gaitor Joints
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18 arrol road

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  • Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 17:00
  • Saturday: 08:30 - 13:00
  • Sunday: By Appointment
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