Big Hitting BMW (BMW X6 2008-present day)


ENGINES – The X6 is a big vehicle, making BMW’s six and eight-cylinder engine offerings entirely predictable. And just like the X5 sister car, it’s diesel power that will make more sense if you plan on racking up the miles. Petrol X6s are rapid machines but you’ll pay the price at the pumps.

EXTERIOR – In some quarters the X6 has been called a ‘Marmite’ car thanks to its bold styling and the fact not everyone likes it. Granted, the design is a bold one, but it does imply a more sporting character than the more upright X5.

INTERIOR – Less controversial inside, the X6’s cabin boasts a familiar look that’s shared by many of BMW’s high-end cars. Build quality is first rate, and there’s plenty of room up front. The car’s sloping roofline does mean that tall occupants in the rear might not be as comfortable, though.

DRIVING – Despite its size, the X6 is a surprisingly agile and rewarding car to drive. There’s less pitch and roll than the average premium SUV, although the car’s firm ride is a trade-off. Opt for a petrol motor and you’ll not be short of pace, although the diesel units aren’t far behind in real terms.

OWNERSHIP – The car’s lofty driving position is one of its greatest features, and helps when it comes to finding a parking space in crowded cities. The X6’s size can count against it in tight car parks, though. Its size does meant there’s plenty of load space for active owners, and option for a diesel variant should keep fuel consumption to sensible levels.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR – With many cars being used for urban runabout duties, pay close attention to parking dents, scuffed paintwork and kerbed wheels. If a towbar is fitted ask what it was connected to - over-stressing the car might have caused some unseen damage. And for something this new, don’t settle for anything less than a full service history.

MODEL HISTORY 2008: BMW launches the X6, a sportier alternative to its popular X5 premium SUV. Modest range of six and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel engines offered, plus a long list of optional extras. Auto gearbox fitted as standard.

REASONS TO BUY – performance orientated driving experience, diesel economy REASONS TO BEWARE – petrol engine thirst, polarising looks, rear headroom PICK OF THE RANGE – X6 3.0 xDrive WHAT TO PAY 2008 08 29,015 2008 58 29,040 2009 09 33,230 2009 59 34,450 Figures relate to showroom prices for cars in A1 condition.

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